Three new prints

23 May 2024
written by Sofie

It’s been a while since I last released any new pieces in my webshop. That doesn’t mean I haven’t drawn or carved anything in the meantime of course. The pace on which I used to work (making at least one new print each month) became harder and harder to keep. It’s also getting increasingly difficult to remain visible on social media, which has caused a major decline in sales for me. So I thought: “Why bother?” I didn’t need to spend al lot of time on wrapping up orders, so I was able to focus on other projects, goals, etc… and got bogged down in wondering about where this artistic life of mine is heading to and feel depressed about it.

Not what I was intending to write about in this post! Maybe some other time…

I’ve made three new woodcut prints which I wanted to share a bit about here. They’ll become available in my webshop on 2 June 2024, 14:00 CEST. All three prints are black and white with a few coloured, hand-painted details, printed from woodblocks on cotton paper.


This print is inspired by my daughter Merle. She has always loved listening to me or her dad telling her bed time stories, and now that she’s able to read them herself she practically devours any book she can get her hands on in no-time. She loves books that tell fantastical or magical stories about animals and tough adventurous girls.
Reading can take your mind anywhere, for me that’s where the magic in books is. I don’t find myself particularly good at writing, so when it comes to telling stories, I do that through drawing and carving. Imagine if there was a great magical owl reading you a story before bedtime, and anything he tells you turns to life as you listen to him?
I’ve never had any lack of imagination, it took me a while to realise that’s actually quite a gift. This print is about storytelling, but also about encouraging you to use your imagination more often and nurture it. It doesn’t need wifi, a charged battery, money, or any particular circumstances. It’s always with you and it can take you places, if you let it.

I printed this block on Fabriano Tiepolo paper, which is made of cotton and has a beautiful, soft surface. The little splashes of color are painted on by hand with acrylic ink.


I’ve made a print regarding this subject before, titled Day/Night. You can frame this print the way you like it; there’s a sun and a moon, you may decide which one is up.
 If there’s one certainty in this life, it’s the fact that there’s day and night. Quite reassuring, right? Maybe that’s why there’s so many people taken by the moon and related symbolism… I don’t keep track of moon phases, nor do those hold any meaning to me, but I do get a feeling of comfort when I look out of the window at night and see the moon. Same goes for seeing the sun rise or set. Magical.
The Day/Night print I made a few years ago is of course different than this one, involving two cottages, mountains and clouds. In this new print, which I titled “Never-ending”, I portrayed two female figures holding the sun and moon. Seemed fitting to me; a mother earth kind of being included in a little story like this one.

The paper of this print is particularly beautiful; its handmade cotton rag paper from Khadi Papers in India. The cotton is 100% recycled from clothing waste, which has been shredded to bits in order to make pulp from it. It has a lovely texture which very much complements the overall character of this print. The coloured details (cheeks, sun and moon) are painted with gold metallic acrylic ink.


Another new version of a previous print… It’s a rather fascinating subject, the bottle terrarium. A little ecosystem, looking like a miniature forest, all in one glass keg bottle. My daughter watched me sketching this design and remarked that the girl in there is trapped. To which I answered: “Well, there’s no lid, so she can always leave if she wants to…“
I don’t think I would want to leave the forest in that bottle. It looks like a very safe, enchanting place to be, and I’m in no way adventurous… so I’d be happy to stay there. Also, there’s tea, there’s a little party going on, there’s enchanting forest animals, so why leave?!

The block is printed on ivory coloured Fabriano Rosaspina paper, which is made of a mix of cellulose and cotton. I love how crisp the print look on this paper, it also has a wonderfully soft surface. The coloured cheek on the girl is painted with acrylic ink.

Available next week!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, these three new woodblock prints will become available in my shop on 2 June 2024, 14:00 CEST. I’m not exactly sure yet how many prints I have for each edition, so if you have your eyes set on any of these, be sure to check my webshop on time! “See” you then? ;)