Carving Blocks - Printmakers & Their Stories

15 February 2024
written by Sofie

A little over a year ago I was asked if I wanted to be featured in a book about relief printmakers and their art practice. The book would showcase a selection of talented printmakers all over the world, and I was to become one of them, how cool is that?! I finally received my copy of “Carving Blocks - Printmakers & Their Stories” last week. Let me show you some spreads and tell you what it’s all about!

The book titled “Carving Blocks - Printmakers & Their Stories” and is published by Sandu Publishing (China). It measures about 19cm x 26cm x 2.5cm and counts 240 pages. It’s divided into three main categories: linocut, woodcut and rubber stamps. I’m listed in the linocut section, though as you might know I mostly carve woodblocks nowadays. The book starts with a preface written by illustrator & printmaker Viktoria Åström (whose work is featured in the book as well), after that comes a short introduction to relief print. The third chapter is a well written tutorial by India Rose Bird, for those who’d like to give linoprinting a try! India is one of the talented woodcut artists featured in the book as well.

Each chapter in the book is about a different printmaker, containing a short bio, pictures of their work and a short interview about their art, sources of inspiration, etc.

The book has a very nice, minimalistic lay out, I think the makers did a great job when it comes to selecting images and the overall design. I will show you a few spreads of other printmakers as well:

Linocut prints by Olga Ezova-Denisova

Linocut prints by Rachael Louise Hibbs

Linocut prints by Nicole Revy

Linocut prints by Jason Limberg

A tutorial into multicolor blockprinting by Lili Arnold

Woodcut prints by John Pedder

Wood engraving prints by India Rose Bird

Woodcut prints by Bradley Blair

Woodcut prints by Roman Klonek

Rubber stamps by Viktoria Åström

Rubber stamps by Jennifer Zee

This list is just a small selection; there’s a total of 23 printmakers from all over the world featured in this book! I can totally recommend it to anyone who loves relief print art and would love to know more about the artists behind the work. You can buy “Carving Blocks - Printmakers & Their Stories” via Amazon, it will hopefully soon become available in other shops and parts of the world too.