January 27, 2019


Hi there! I decided to start a blog, as you can see. I’m planning to share a bit about my work, inspiration, personal life, news, etc.

As you might know, I had a shop on Etsy where I sold my prints and handmade items. After a few years and a lot of changes on Etsy, I decided to finally move everything from there into my “own” shop, here on sofietekent.nl. I added a few new items as well!

Those who follow me on Instagram might have seen these before: decorated wooden spoons. You can finally get them, they’re in the shop! The spoons are made of beech wood and painted with acryllic inks and paint. You cannot use them for cooking, they’re now small pieces of art you can decorate your kitchen (or any other room in your house, of course!) with.

Also new: “Monstera” prints on lovely pink and brown paper, and “Thinking” prints on Simili Japon paper.

To celebrate the new shop and blog, I will be hosting a give away on Instagram soon! So stay tuned and follow me there